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Visa services

There are different durations for which you can apply a family visa for, it includes a long-term visa UK, a C visit visa UK and 2 years visit visa. If it's your first travel to the UK, you’ll have to apply for an initial 6 months visit visa. However, if you’re a regular traveler, you can apply for a visa for […]

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Refusal Challenge

Right to appeal against refusal

There are many visa categories from which the government has taken away the right to fire an appeal against the refusal. The few categories which still hold the right to appeal are

  1. Appeal against refusal of EEA family permit
  2. Appeal against refusal of European settlement scheme […]

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Immigration Services

New Start-up Visa

The UK government has increased the number of approved organizations that validate new start-up businesses in the UK, so that more people can apply for new start-up visas UK. This visa is very similar to a graduate entrepreneur visa, now even the non-graduate can apply for UK immigration under this visa […]