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There are different durations for which you can apply a family visa for, it includes a long-term visa UK, a C visit visa UK and 2 years visit visa. If it's your first travel to the UK, you’ll have to apply for an initial 6 months visit visa. However, if you’re a regular traveler, you can apply for a visa for several years.

Family Visit Visa UK application and document requirements differ from family to family. In order to win your application a success, you’d have to ensure the home office that you’ll be able to sustain yourself financially during your stay in UK. If you intend to be dependent on your relatives/family during your stay, the UK citizen family would have to give a guarantee of supporting you financially, without turning to public funds.

You would be bound to leave UK at the end of the defined time. If you travel on a family visit visa, you’re required to only go visit the family and not intend to take part in any other commitment such as business matters, sports events, studies etc. 

Student Visa

Anyone who plans to take up temporary residence in UK for the study is eligible for this visa. The age bracket following the student visa category is 18 years and above. This visa falls under the tier 4 visa category. It gives you the right to temporarily live in UK for further studies. For qualifying for this visa you need to have 40 points on the points-based system. 30 points are awarded if you earn a sponsor from the UK and a further 10 points are awarded if you’re able to satisfy the authorities so that you can fund your course and living in the UK.

Business visit visa

Usually, the business visit visa UK falls under the general visit visa UK but for extended time durations, it can span up to 2, 5 and 10 years. Acquiring a business visit visa UK, there can be a lot of inquiry from the home office however our proficient team will help you prepare an application that would surely win you a successful visit to UK for your business matters. 

Initially, to apply for the business visitor visa UK, you would have to present your business bank statements along with an invitation from the UK. You might also have to provide details related to your personal assets including bank statements. Complete documentation regarding the business is also required, whether or not the business is inherited or a self startup such information is also called for by the home office. Goring’s legal and consultancy team will help you throughout and provide you with all the necessary guidance. 

Things to be kept in check are that the business for which you’re applying the visa for should not receive its remuneration from UK sources. This would only be acceptable if you’re a worker working for a multinational company, and traveling for the intra-business branch for seminars, meetings and other business commitments. 

General visitor

This type of visa is among the most popular category of visas. People who wish to visit UK for tourism and for visiting friends apply for a general visitor visa. The initial duration for which you can seek a visitor visa UK is for six months. For using this visa you should have accommodation and enough supply of funds to sustain yourself during your visit. You’re obligated to leave UK at the end of the defined duration. Moreover, you cannot uptake employment in the UK. 

You cannot start up your own business or involve yourself in the production of any kind of product. You should have enough capital to afford your return after the term of your visa ends. Furthermore, you cannot seek any kind of personal medical treatment on this visa either. The duration of a visitor visa UK can span from 2 to 10 years. Fee and other factors depend on where you live, the application procedure and your circumstances. 

Sports Visitor Visa

This category also falls under the visit visa UK. Anybody who wants to participate in a sports event, festival or activity can acquire a sports visitor visa UK. Sportspersons who visit UK for private or government-sponsored sports events go for this visa. Persons may take part in sports events individually or may be part of a team. Persons who wish to undertake sports training can also put up an application for a sports visit visa. However, it should be kept in view that the training program shouldn’t be funded by UK government. You can also apply for this visa if you wish to take part in trials for some sports event, just that it shouldn’t be in front of a paid audience.

The management and technical staff of the participating team also travel under this visa category. You would have to apply for this visa three months before the date of the event, so make sure you apply well before the dates of your event in order to receive the visa well before time. 

Medical visa

If you’re planning to travel for personal medical treatment to UK you’d have to apply for Private Medical Visitor Visa UK. People travelling under this visa category would not be able to avail of treatment from NHS, as it is designated only for UK residents. The applicants need to seek permission from the entry clearance officer for the fact that they are actually making an entry to receive medical treatment. Its furthermore mandatory to satisfy the home office that the applicant would not be taking up permanent/temporary employment, taking part in any business activity or providing any kind of services. 

The applicant should be able to afford his/her medical treatment and all the other expenses during their stay. Accommodating themselves for the complete stay is also their own responsibility. The stay can be extended considering the condition of the patient. In such a case the visa category might be changed. 

Schooling Child Parent Visa

Any child, under the age of 12, who is receiving education at a private day school has the right to receive parental supervision (non-UK residents). Hereby, the parents of such a child can apply for a visit visa UK initially for up to 12 months. Later the visa can further be extended for an additional 12 months. Like other visit visas, you won’t be allowed to undertake any kind of employment, take part in any kind of additional activities or even offer working services to anybody. Our team will guide you throughout the process in order to get the parent of a child visa.