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New Start-up Visa

The UK government has increased the number of approved organizations that validate new start-up businesses in the UK, so that more people can apply for new start-up visas UK. This visa is very similar to a graduate entrepreneur visa, now even the non-graduate can apply for UK immigration under this visa route. 

Who is eligible?

The objective group for this immigration category are young people and new business starters with innovative business ideas. Additionally, this category is also very suitable for people who do not have much business experience. You have to be 18 years of age or above in order to be an applicant. Your business idea should be endorsed by some approved body for successfully gaining access to the new start-up visa route. 

You have to be compliant with UK immigration laws and regulations for being eligible. Moreover, all the necessary documentation has to be provided. The endorsing body could be funding your business, travel and living, if not, you need to have £945 as maintenance funds. The applicant must meet the English language requirement of CEFR level B2 for complete eligibility. The applicant has to pass the credibility assessment as well. 

Visa duration

The inceptive duration for a new start-up visa UK is 2 years, allowing more time for the applicants to grow and expand their business. If successful, at the end of the visa span, it can be converted into an innovator visa UK. 

Innovator Visa

The objected group of innovator visa UK category are the more experienced business people looking forward to expanding their business to the UK. The business plan should yet be endorsed by an approved body, the body should be satisfied by the innovation, credibility and presence of your business. The innovator visa UK route eventually leads to permanent settlement in the UK, but you need to fulfil essential requirements and some criteria need to be met. 

Who is eligible?

The endorsing body will be analyzing your business plan in detail, in order to confirm its credibility and assess the success percentage. Once approved, you’ll be eligible to apply for the innovator visa UK. The endorsing body should be included in the list of approved endorsement organizations as provided by the UK government. You should fall into the age bracket of 18 years and above for being eligible for this route. Moreover, you should be able to provide all sorts of evidential documents on demand. 

The applicant has to make sure that they’ll be able to sustain themselves in the UK without having to use up their investment funds or by earning through other ways. This illegal act will automatically put their application status in doubt. Furthermore, the applicant must have a sum of £50,000 as investment funds for the expansion/start of the business in the UK. If you’re part of an entrepreneurial or partnership business team, the sum of money would naturally surge to £50,000 per person. 

Funding should not come from an external source, it should be your saving or earning. The applicant has to meet the CEFR level B2 language requirement to be fully eligible. There should be a capital money of £945 in the applicant’s bank account for 3 months straight as maintenance funds. 

Visa duration

The initial duration is of 2 years for the innovator visa UK route, this allows the applicant to settle and focus on business growth smoothly.

Investor visa

Investor visa UK protects both the investor as well as the body where the investment is being made. Under this visa/immigration category, it is made sure that the investment that is being made provides greater benefit to the UK economy along with nullifying any chances of financial offense. The applicant must have a capital of £2 million for investing in UK businesses. Once invested, the investor wins a leave-to-remain visa for 3 years. The family or other dependent members are included in the visa category.

Who is eligible?

The investor must priorly show the investment amount and it should have completed the term of 3 months to 2 years for being held in your account. If the home office is even a bit doubtful about the investment funds, it has all right to refuse your application. The doubt especially includes the transfer of funds to other countries which is strictly against the law. A confirmation from the bank or other financial institutes is required guaranteeing that all the payments or cheques are obtained through lawful activities. 

Other than the above-mentioned requirements, there will be no additional checks on the business histories or financial history of the investor. The rest of the eligibility criteria is the same as the Tier 1 visa route. The investor should base out of EEA and Switzerland as per the eligibility criteria. There should be a count of 75 points on the points base system to meet the requirements for an investor visa UK.

The applicant should be in full control of the funds, and provide evidential documentation to ensure this. If not successful in satisfying the home office, your visa application will be instantly rejected. 

Visa duration

Initially, the visa duration for an investor visa is 3 years and 4 months, after that the applicant must apply for an extension to legally reside in UK.

Spouse/partner Visa

When applying for a spouse visa you should be able to meet requirements related to suitability, relationship, immigration status, financial situation, and English language. If you meet all the requirements of these categories you are put under a 5-year route to settlement under a spouse visa UK. However, if you are only able to satisfy selected categories from above, you’re put under a 10-year route to settlement. 

Who is eligible?

Both partners should be 18 years of age or above and you are not very closely related to your partner. You'll have to provide a credibility certificate of an actual marriage, surety of relationship or confirm a civil partnership. You also need to confirm that you were not already married before applying for a spouse visa for settlement in the UK. The total income of your spouse should be £18,600 per annum. This income solely is from an earning source and not from any funding such as disability benefits etc.