Reasons why your UK visa got refused?

The home office and UK visa and immigration every year reject many visa applications. Most people perceive the rejection as if the UK authorities do not want you to enter their country. This isn’t always the case; there are reasons why your application might have got rejected. The prime reason why most applications are rejected is that the applicants fail to fulfil the visa requirements. Let's dive a little deeper into the details that might lead to the rejection of a visa application.

Why does the UKVI office reject visas?

An entry visa is required to visit or stay in the UK, but the UKVI office rejects many applications for various reasons. Often there are mistakes in the application, or some documents and other similar factors could be missing. Here are a few reasons listed why the UK visa office could have rejected your application

  • The applicant does not have a valid passport or other documents necessary for travelling
  • Submission of fake or false documents
  • You’re short on funds to sustain yourself during the visit
  • If you miss out on medical reports, biometric reports, photographs etc.
  • If you have a record of criminal activities internationally
  • If you’ve been found guilty of a crime that warrants an imprisonment of four years or more
  • If the reason for your visit is not clearly specified

These are among the many reasons why your visa might be getting rejected moreover if you fail to satisfy the UK home office about your credibility. 

What to do if your UK visa gets rejected?

Visa refusal for the UK does not leave you ineligible to enter the UK ever again; you’re still justified to visit the UK. All you need to do is to file an appeal against the rejection. For this, you would have to spot the reason for the UK visa rejection in the letter sent to you by the home office. If the reason for rejection is mistakes in your application, all you need to do is to reapply. 

If you try to mislead the authorities or provide false information or fake documents, you’ll be banned to enter the UK for the next ten years. However, this case applies only in severe circumstances. 

What can Gorings overseas do for you?

We have the most learned and experienced consultants and law experts on board. They will guide you throughout the refusal challenge process. The type of visa determines what kind of application review you must apply for.
Rejection of other UK visa categories can be challenged under administrative review. Below are the refusals that can be challenged through an administrative review.

  • All tier 2 visa routes
  • Tier 4 student visa application
  • All tier 5 visa applications

If the administrative review appeal fails, the application refusal can be challenged under judicial review. 
The UK visa applications based on the points-based system do not hold appeal rights if refused. The refusal of these applications can only be challenged under judicial review. Other UK visa applications which are covered by judicial review are

  • Refusal of UK visit visa 
  • All tier 2 UK visas
  • Tier 4 student visa
  • Tier 5 visas