How to move to the UK with a skilled worker visa?

The skilled worker visa allows qualified individuals to come to the UK for an eligible role offered by an approved sponsor endorsed by the UK authorities. This visa type was previously known as Tier 2 UK visa, only that skilled worker visa comes with acceptable amendments. You must thoroughly understand eligibility and application requirements to avoid delays and refusals. Here’s a guideline on the complex Home office applications for the applicants.

The right immigration route

For non-UK residents exploring options to settle in the UK permanently, the skilled worker visa is the leading immigration route. SW visa allows sponsors to hire international talent for eligible and professional roles. In order to attain the visa, the applicant must have a qualifying job offer from a sponsor who is on the endorsement list of the UK government. Other prerequisites include attaining 70 points in the points-based system through English language tests and meeting a few other requirements. 

A skilled worker visa allows the applicant's spouse and dependent family members to join him/her for staying in the UK. It is the correct route for indefinite leave to remain and permanent settlement in the UK. The job offer has to be from a credible sponsor, and the salary threshold should also be within the limit where you can sustain yourself and your family. The education or qualification relevant to the job also adds points to the points-based system criteria.  

How to determine if the job is eligible for a skilled worker visa UK or not?

To determine whether or not the job is eligible for a skilled worker visa, the sponsor has to declare the relevant standard occupational classification (SOC) code for the role. Once the code has been identified, it can be cross-matched from the list of eligible jobs specified by the UK government. It should be remembered that this visa type is specially designed for qualification of at least bachelor’s. There is no sub-category or general work permit for ‘low-skilled workers’ under this visa route.

Healthcare professionals who want to work in the UK health or social care sector should look at the Health and Care Worker visa instead. This route is specifically designed for health sector occupations and has a number of benefits to visa holders over the Skilled Worker visa, such as a lower application fee etc.

Salary threshold for skilled worker visa 

The salary threshold for the occupation you acquire under a skilled worker visa the UK should have a minimum limit of £25,600 per year or as per the ‘going rate’ for the particular role. The higher among the two is considered. The hourly rate is also critically analyzed under this visa route; the hourly pay cannot be less than £10.10 even if the annual calculation of the salary is above the defined threshold. 

English language requirement 

The required English level is a minimum B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages scale for reading, writing, speaking and understanding English.
Most Skilled Worker visa applicants will have to prove they meet the English language requirement unless they have already done so as part of a previous immigration application or if they are a national of one of a number of exempted countries.