British Marriage Visa: Get married in the UK!

If you’re struggling with moving to the UK with your British citizen spouse, this blog is going to be a life-saving guide for you. British marriage visa, also known as spouse visa UK, is for people who are married to British citizens and want to move to the UK for an indefinite time period. Your spouse who is a permanent resident of UK can sponsor you for settlement in UK. This visa allows you to stay in Britain for more than 6 months eventually leading to permanent residency in the country. 

When to go for a marriage visa UK?

Conditions under which you should specifically opt for a spouse or marriage visa are as follows

1.    You want to marry a UK citizen or go for a civil partnership in the UK
2.    You’re only visiting the UK for your marriage and do not plan on staying for long
3.    You have to submit a marriage notice in the UK

Who cannot apply for a UK marriage visa?

If you already hold a settled or pre-settled status under the EU settlement scheme, you do not require a marriage/spouse visa UK. You can get married to a British citizen anytime you want. However, if your settlement application is still pending and you haven’t heard back yet, you’d have to apply for a marriage visa UK for getting married to a UK citizen there. Moreover, if you’re an Irish citizen you cannot attain a marriage visa UK. A dual national cannot acquire the visa too. If you qualify for British citizenship, you would not require a visa to get married. 

What else can you do with a spouse visa UK?

You can enter UK if you’re a marriage visa UK holder while making a transit to another country. 

Things you’re not eligible to do

You cannot switch to another visa category while holding a marriage visa UK. The visa is solely for the individual who tends to get married or whose spouse has sponsored it, he or she cannot bring along dependant family members on that visa. If the family wants to come along or wishes to attend your wedding, they would have to apply for a visa separately. 

You cannot uptake permanent employment or study in the UK under this visa. However, you do have the liberty to indulge in work-related activities such as attending meetings, seminars and conferences during your stay in the UK under this visa category. You’re not allowed to run any funding campaigns or avail of other benefits under marriage visa UK. 

Marriage visa consultancy with Gorings overseas

Visa processing and fulfilment can be a draining job. All the time, money and effort invested in acquiring a visa can go waste if there are errors in your application. Hereby, it is better to consult an expert who can assure you of getting the visa stamped. Our team will guide you at every step and make you aware of all the technicalities. Building a dream life in UK with your spouse is going to be the easiest with Gorings!