An insight to UK business visa

The united kingdom is the foremost choice of the business community for starting or expanding their business. The scalable and fast-growing economy of the UK supports rapid business growth. Hereby, a lot of people prefer the UK when looking for global expansion of their business. The flexible corporate laws of the country allow entrepreneurs to explore their options while establishing their start-ups. 

First stop – Business visa

Before someone plans on surveying for business expansion or plans on starting a new business, they need to get a business visa UK processed. It is a prerequisite for any business activity you plan to undertake in the UK during your visit. Once you’ve acquired your visa, it will be a huge milestone for you as you’ll be able deeply and freely explore UK’s high-spending consumer market. 

There is no doubt in the fact that UK’s business-friendly and corporate supportive environment makes it very attractive for business people. You’re surely on the right path if you’re looking for opportunities to establish and grow your business in the UK, the odds of not being successful are almost equal to none. The only thing which keeps back a lot of people from adequately pursuing their plans is the visa difficulty they have to encounter. Although the process isn’t very complex, lack of awareness might make it difficult. 

Here at Gorings overseas, you’ll find experts who’ll guide you all along and make the process easier as well as approachable for you. Our team has been working tirelessly, to make visa and immigration procedures easier for people who are looking forward to visiting or emigrating to the united kingdom for business purposes.

Different UK business visa options – explore your opportunities!

Business visit visa UK

This visa is included under the category of visit visa UK, it's more like a temporary visa attained for initially 6 months. You can apply for this visa if you have to visit the UK for a limited time, such as attending business meetings, surveys, interviews, client meetings, business-related training, and delivery of goods and services by a UK-based company or branch. You’d be obligated to leave the UK at the end of the visa duration. 

You would have to ensure and present complete statements of your financial standing. You have to ensure that you can sustain and maintain yourself during your stay in the UK. Additionally, you should be able to afford your return visit and your accommodation during your stay in the UK. 

Innovator visa UK

Previously known as the entrepreneurial visa UK, the innovator visa allows business people around the world to set up their businesses in the UK. The requirement for setting up a business is that it should be innovative and scalable. The home office conducts a detailed analysis of your business plan and history for being innovative and growth-oriented. Another plus which comes along is that an innovator visa provides you with the edge of settling in the UK along with your dependent family members. 

There are some requirements you need to fulfil for acquiring the visa. You have to fall into the age bracket of 18 years and above in order to successfully attain the visa. Additionally, your business idea should be unique, innovative and ascendable. The business plan should be recognised and approved by an endorsing body, approved by the government of UK. An investment fund of £50,000 is mandatory. You should have enough capital to financially support yourself and your family members. 

New start-up business visa UK

For the new start up business visa UK, there is no investment fund requirement. This visa allows overseas business people to set up juvenile, fresh and different business start-up in the UK. The initial duration for which you receive the visa is of 2 years. You need to fulfil the English language requirement of CEFR level B2 for attaining the visa. Moreover, your business plan should be innovative and scalable for being accepted by the endorsement body recognised by government authorities. 

You have to be 18 years or above for acquiring this visa. You should have a proven record of working in a business environment so that authorities can be sure that you’ll be able to set up a new business in UK. You should be able to financially sustain yourself in UK. 

The ending note

Gorings overseas has the most experienced and professional panel of experts on board. Our team has gained years of experience and has successfully solved lots of visa issues for plenty of clients. They’ll guide you through all the legal aspects involved in visa and immigration processing. They are experts in easing out complex visa procedures for you and hereby will surely get your business visa UK stamped in no time!